10 December 2013

The last two days and goodbye (again...)

I got to spend time with Kessarin.  She came over and ate with me.  After my bout of morning sickness that first 3 months my appetite came back with a vengeance!

Enjoying ice cream and cupcakes from yesterday's baby shower.

A slice of pumpkin pie!

I was craving this pumpkin pie for forever!

After that "snacking"  we went for a massage.  The massage was at health land.  I got the special massage for pregnancy.  It was ok.  I write this now 2 months later and I need another massage!  My back aches!

6 months preggers.  My sister will Always by my best friend no matter what.  I love her to pieces.

Enjoying every moment before leaving at night.

We had breakfast at 24 owls then we went to central world to look for some baby stuff.  I already started tearing when we were shopping at H & M!  Pregnancy makes me extra emo!

And yet again it was time to say goodbye.  I had the greatest few days of my life!  It's been almost 5 years since I've lived away from my family but I always, always cry when we leave each other.  I'm really close to my family and am such a family person.  This time it was also a different kind of goodbye.  Because the next time we meet there will be a little one.  I won't just a daughter and sister but also a mother.  A new chapter in life.  

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