12 March 2015

List of Baby Items

Hi! I made this list for my future reference because these were the stuff that really worked for me and Javan. Hope it's helpful for you! 

First and foremost go on a BABYMOON! then go shopping....

Large/Costly Items:
Car Seat
Crib/Mattress/bedsheets (x2 bedsheets)
Baby Carrier (I can help you choose!)
Breast pump (useful for working moms.  I hardly used mine)

Storage bags for breast milk
bottles (I mostly breastfed Javan, hardly used bottles)
bottle warmer (or just use warm water
sterilizer (or you can just use hot water technique)

Clothes: (follow the size on clothes they are accurate. Baby grows out of clothes every 3 months or so)
Sleepers/pajamas (long sleeves and pants)
Shorts and shirts (for when a little older)
church/formal clothes
Mittens (I used for only 6weeks)

Burp cloths (big not too small) 
(bibs and burp clothes were super useful as baby spits up a lot for the first 5 months)
Swaddle cloth

Bath tub with net (net helps you not to drown baby lol)
Changing mat (one for travel and for home)
Baby head and body wash
Powder lotion (it's powder but in lotion form coz powder can be dusty for baby and us)
Baby oil (useful for baby massage especially when baby is gassy)
Bottom Balm (Helpful to prevent rashes)
hair brush
nail cutter
wet wipes (first few months I soaked cotton in water and used that instead)
Diaper for swimming :P

First Aid:
teething gel
for fever
(both get from your doctor)
sea salt nasal spray
vicks vapor rub
(both use when baby is a little older)
fever patch
snot sucker (super super super useful! Please get the frida snot sucker if you can)
fever patch (patch to cool fever by  putting on forehead)
médecine dropper/spoon/suction
teething toys

For Mommy:
Breast pads
Comfy bras to wear at night (with the breast pads.  your boobs will leave for a few months)
Nipple cream (coconut oil will work too)
Diaper bag (any bag you can easily open and enough room to pack baby's stuff when you go out)

*Plan ahead beyond the first 6months and beyond the first year:
High chair
Eating utensils
Baby jumper
Pusher walker
Water bottle
Bigger clothes

Touch/feel/ peekaboo books!

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