01 March 2015

Baby Sign Language

I heard that babies can pick up sign language before they can talk. I almost joined a baby sign class but instead at around 8 months taught Javan the sign for milk. I wasn't consistent but a week before he turned one he started signing "milk"! 

After that I started using more signs and he carches on so quickly. He uses signs for a few words now but he understands other signs even though he doesn't sign it. 

Now that he knows the milk sign I dont'tbhave to guess if he is hungry for milk. Makes my life so much easier!

He now also signs daddy, book, sleep, pray, sawatdee kap. He understands the signs for change, bathe, please, thank you,water, food. ..

love this age. He knows so many tricks! So much fun. 

He knows how to kiss back, flying kiss, bye bye, feed you, ask for food just a million and one things that are too cute!

Book pls!
Book again.. All day everyday..

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