27 February 2011

POPCORN!...healthy snack? =P

The first time I tasted Garrett's popcorn was in Sentosa's Resorts World.
I fell in love with it and I introduced it to my family when they came to a visit.
We ordered the 'Chicago Mix' which is a mix of cheese & caramel coated popcorns.
It's a pretty new store and so far I've only seen it in 2 places in Singapore.
Asides from Sentosa they also have one in City Link Mall at City Hall MRT.
With my phone cam the one on the left is caramel the other cheese...they also have caramel with almond, cashew and macadamia.  Also the the original flavours buttery and plain.  I love the mix of caramel and cheese because sweet and salty go so well.  I like to get one caramel and one cheese and eat it at the same time...yuuummmmm....
Their napkin made me laugh.  Love is messy because the popcorn is really greasy!
(hence...popcorn a healthy snack?? in this case might not be so healthy but oh so delicious!)
I crave for it but just treat myself to it once in a while...not too cheap too!  I order the small size but it's ALOT.


Ric]-[mond said...

I miss this popcorn but it's too cheesy for my liking =)

RJ said...

AROY KERNZZ. Yaak gin. :(

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