03 February 2011

Happy Day

Woke up late.  Hallelujah!

Did some major cleaning but left one bedroom and the laundry for tomorrow.

LM came over.  Bayu cooked a vegetarian dish and chicken adobo for us =p I made fruit salad and we had a good dinner.

Then I introduced her to DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) and other Wii games.  Haha we had fun and definitely gonna invite her back again to be my exercise buddy..muahahaha...I'm glad she lives nearby and our workplaces are at the same place too so we've made future plans to meet up go shopping watch a movie maybe? Hehe.

Bayu prepared dinner and our wii games =D
Tomorrow is Friday..already?!...we have lunch with church members...so see you tomorrow on blog!

1 comment:

RJ said...

DDR is the shiz!! So fun. I HAVE to play DDR with you one day. :)

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