07 February 2011

Lunch Break

Lunch Break!  I managed to finish lunch in 10 minutes so I have 10 minutes left and I want to use it to blog...

Well, it's a Monday.  It's pretty hard to go back to everyday routine after a short break (2 days of holiday).  What made me get myself up today and not too grouchy was my thankfulness that I have a job.  This particular job at that =)...I don't know what my state of mind would be if I were still doing last year's job =P

I want to talk about my past holiday.  It seemed like it never happened because it flew by so fast!  But yet so many things happened in that short time.  I had half day on Wednesday, I got back and slept all afternoon and did nothing in the evening.

Then on Thursday we woke up really late and did spring cleaning (although Chinese tradition is that you do the spring cleaning BEFORE Chinese New Year..haha) cooked and then hung out with LM.  In my previous post I wrote down what we did.

Well,  LM also known as Julaila, is someone I met at church.  I had seen her around but never really talked to her.  Then when she got baptised when pastor Mark Finley came she had to give some background infor onherself to Bayu and that's when I found out she's my age!

We started to get to know each other much better when she started to have Bible study with us at home once a week and we invited her to join our youth activities with us since we're the same age group as others =D

Ok yeah Thursday night we played DDR until 10.30 and then the next morning we met to go to auntie Roxanna's house for CNY meal. That's where we swam all afternoon for almost 4 hours.

On Saturday we had church, lunch, etc as usual BUT in the afternoon we went to visit 3 houses!  That's what the tradition is.  Visiting family and friends.  3 houses in one afternoon. The 3rd house was Jerome's where we stayed and had dinner until 10.30 pm.  I had fun =)

Then Sunday morning I met up with some youth and we had breakfast together  then we went to the arcade.  That was FUN too! I officially love century egg now!

After that we went to Auntie Pat's house where we ate again, played games, hung out, ate some more....

Then we went to Auntie Linda's house...had drinks...more snacks...kepo kepo-ed around their house haha and looked at pictures when all the aunties and uncles were our age!

Then finally, we went to Auntie Phyllis house...and ATE...AGAIN...

Then got home exhausted...but happy =)

As you've known in previous posts I've been complaining about my zero social life and the loneliness...but I'm so happy and believe that God has blessed bayu and I with the people that have come into our lives.  We're glad to get to know and spend time Frank, Simon, Shawn, Jerome, Chuen Rong, Shi Rong, Danielle, Eliana, Stacia, Hydon, etc. etc. (hahaha sorry for the etc. etc.) and everyone else.

I didn't forget Alvina and LM...I thank God most of all for those girls!....I have more girlfriends here now!....they've helped me ease my loneliness ALOT.

by the way I'm not in my lunch break anymore...it's now 9.30 pm and I'm just continuing where I left off (at the 3rd paragraph i think...)

Ok...goodnyt ppl!...I wrote this more for myself so years or months down the road I can look back at this post and it will bring a smile to my face and warmth to my heart =D

So what new things did I learn this CNY?

  • Bring 2 oranges to each house you visit.  Give it to the person who lives in the house and they'll exchange it with 2 oranges too. Something to do with exchanging luck? I think.  So we're never out of oranges!
  • It's so fun to gather in large group around a table with chopsticks mixing the ingredients for the dish (? duno name?) on the table saying 4 words of good fortune? hahah...of course its supposed to be said in Mandarin(?)..(hahaha my info is so inaccurate like wikipedia) but I used 4-words in english (happy happy new year, God bless us always, Gong Xi Fa Cai, ....heheh ermm yeah)
check out my face...MUAHAHAHAH
  • Hmmmm...feel like giving ang pao (that's the way Thais say it) next year! MUAHAHA
  • Visit, visit, visit, cookies, cookies, cookies...red, red, red...
  • and good time of the year to do major spring cleaning, throw away bulky items for free and buy new clothes!
I'm sure there's more but this is what stood out the most to me =)

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