17 February 2011


My Mom and Dad's 30th wedding anniversary is coming up this June 7.  Haze, Bayu, Richmond and I have been brainstorming on how we could make this anniversary really special for them.

Just this afternoon Hazel and I had a brilliant idea!  Now we are so excited to start planning.  Yay!  Another exciting event this year to look forward to.  Can't really leak out the details yet as we want it to be a surprise to them (yes, my mom reads my blog now and then hehehe).

30 years?  I can only fathom that.......God has blessed me with such wonderful parents! =P


Ric]-[mond said...

30 years seems like only yesterday... I'm excited as well for the big event!

Min Min said...

30 years! Walao!

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