25 February 2011

Kite Flying at Marina Barrage

Our church had an outing last Sunday.  Not everybody came but it was still fun!

Frank wrote a post on it (click here) to see what we did through all the pictures.  It's kinda great that I don't have to write a whole post about it because someone else already did and I can just direct you there =P

But I did take a few pictures (only 2!) on my phone (I can't believe I forgot my camera at home).

Go to the link I gave you to see previous pictures before seeing mine or you will think the people in my pictures are crazy..ahaha.

Bayu & Frank staring into space....

Bayu with a string that's defying gravity!
I actually wanted to take a picture of the actual kite size by letting Bayu hold it up but forgot to do it.  The kite he was flying was the one with the extremely long tail (again click on the link I gave above)!

Also, at one point I tried to count the kites flying int he sky and I counted 30 but there was much more later...in fact there was a "kite jam" in the sky...

It was fun....you guys should come visit us and let's go kite flying again!


Ric]-[mond said...

How I wish I was there to fly kite with you guys! Looks fun =)

OnZ'Q said...

AWWWW! Kite! I want! I want!

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