04 February 2011

Pancake not Crepe

There are many thai dishes/snacks I love and the crepe bayu is eating is one of them...This crepe is found in Platinum Mall but can also be found at the pak soi of Pridi 37 near 7/11...I like to order crepes with prik pao, tuna and khai (egg).  
I couldn't make the thin crepes so I just bought pancake mix and had pancake with tuna and prik pai instead...so yummmmy still...ummm the darkper patches aren't burnt parts but the chilli I spread over the pancake =P
Golden Mile! -little Thailand to me sells this gigantic can of prik pao ( no small ones but oh well)...There are lots of delicious dishes that prik pao can be used in.
Inside the can.  Prik pao literally means chilli burned/bbq-ed.  It's vegetarian and not spicy =D

1 comment:

RJ said...

nom nom nom. I haven't had a crepe in like almost 2 years? :o i didn't have one last december. darn. aaggh

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