03 February 2011

for me nov 7,8,9

**Errrmmm...sorry you guys this post was something I wrote 2 years ago and I left it as a draft until now...I thought that if I posted it it would place itself where it was supposed to 2 years ago instead it's the latest blog...haha...so yeah it probably won't make sense to you =P...I cant hide the post and don't want to delete it sooo...yeah...

Remember my post Yesterday? Remember the last 5 paragraphs? I also just remembered the 3 prayer requests I made.

1. I won't regret going on the retreat.
2. I can open up myself and be myself in the retreat.
3. That I can know where I really stand in my relationship with God.

I even wrote " Maybe nubmer 3 won't be answered that weekend..."

God never ceases to amaze me - he answered numbers 1, 2...and 3.

It was an, and I get these words from thesaurus.com, awesome, awe-inspiring, breathtaking, beautiful weekend. Still, there are no words to really desxribe it =P

I got to make lots of new friends. And through them I realized that...I have an accent of my own! Isn't that cool? 55555.

And through the worship I have come to realize some things that I never really realized before: I always thought that I was meant to be in Thailand. But as you know I'm going to be in Singapore. I was so burdened with my fears about leaving this place and the future to be with Bayu and his caling to pastor in Singapore. But I now know and I now accept that it's not only Bayu's calling in Singapore...but...it is ALSO my calling.

I mean God has called me to marry Bayu because He believes in us and knows that we can be a strong team for this world. I'm telling myself " Hello! God believes in you! The God of the universe believes in you!! He's leading you!" And I accept that calling whole heartedly. Now there is this certain calm, peace and happiness in me. I will go where He leads and I will be happy there.

So Mom, Dad, Hazel don't worry too be happy =) God will still bless us as a familiy who has always been so close. We might not know how we can make it being "apart" but God will take care of it I'm sure.

Well, the weekend went by all too fast but with memories to last forever. You can see some pictures on fb that some of my friends posted up. I wasn't able to take much at all. So hard with just a camera phone.

Another hi-light was the NO TALENT SHOW we had. I laughed a lot that weekend but that night of the show it was insane. Funny mak mak. Sud yod. You can find some videos of that on fb too.

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