25 February 2011

Become like little children?!

Yes, I am a teacher and yes teachers teach and students learn.  But there's something else... I also learn from my students.

In Matthew 18:3 Jesus says "Truly, I tell you unless you become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven."

As "grown ups" how can we be like children?  Learn from them!  Of course since I'm the one who spends the most time with them I'll be the one to share with you have I have learnt.

These are a just a few experiences and observations i've had with my students in the past year =)

  • They show their emotions anytime, anywhere, whoever is there.  It doesn't mean we need to cry all the time too. But children are not ashamed/afraid to express their true feelings.  Sometimes as grownups, we don't want to admit or share our problems to other's or to God.
  • They LAUGH.  The kids laugh and are amused by the litllest things.  And when they laugh they laugh from their heart and stomach.  We also need to relax and just let go and laugh...enjoy the moment...enjoy life!
  • They ask for help.  They are not afraid to ask for help.  If they don't know how to do something they will come back to their teacher calling out their teacher's name every other second until their teacher responds.  Even if the teacher says "no" they will still say "please help me".  They think their teachers can do anything!  If only we could look at God that way and never to give up to call on Him.  If only He is the first one we turn to each time.  Our spirit should be : "Who cares who I am or what my background is. I'm calling on God! I know he'll listen and come to my rescue!"
  • They trust in the comfort and promise of their teacher.  One student started crying because she didn't know how to do her work and she was afraid of making mistakes.  So I took her on my lap and told her she could do it.  I told her I would help her and I'm happy that she is trying her best.  She listened stopped crying and went back to her work as if she never had a care in the world before that.  If only I could rely on God's promises to the point where I don't have to worry!
  • To them everybody is the same.  Particularly the age of my students (if they have not already been influenced by parents or others)  gender, skin color, richness,poorness, way of dressing is far from their mind.  I feel conscious in front of grownups if I may look "fat" in my clothes of I'm not wearing makeup and my pimples are exposed.  But in front of my kids I can be who I am and they still love me and give me hugs and they don't even notice or care about the stuff I'm conscious about!  If only we could treat each other like that and just love others for who they really are.
  • They see the good things in you!  I haven't been the perfect, kindest or patient teacher...not at all...but each time I talk to their parents, their parents tell me that their child goes home and tells them that they love me, have fun and I'm very good to them.  I just say thank you guiltily to the parents and am in awe at the childrens innocence. 

The are the few, main things I have learnt from my students over the past year and I know it won't be the last.  I have learnt God's love, loving myself and loving others through them.  They are a blessing in my life (and a curse when they're hyperrr!!!! AHHHH hehehjk!)

Of course I also learn that just because I am older than them that does not mean I know everything.  There was one time where I couldn't understand why the computer game I was teaching them didn't tell us if we accomplished the game but one girl said "oh I know!" and told me that the games is finished when all the white stars turn purple - something I didn't notice but helped me alot.

So this is me sharing my blessings to you this evening.  =)

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RJ said...

so inspiring. This post made me happy! :)

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