09 December 2013

June Bkk Trip 3 - Market/Street Food Partay!

It's become almost like a tradition that when I go back home my family and friends and I will have a dinner of food from Klongtan Market.  It's just a stretch of the sidewalk where awesome food and fruits are sold.  It's always with Dolly another wonderful friend.  We walk the whole street just ordering everything.  We bring it to my place and we eat and catch up.  

Oh and I forgot to mention this was the first time back home in which I am a vegetarian.  I still enjoyed the food despite being a vegetarian!  This december I am about 9 months a vegetarian.  Never thought I could!  Another thing I should add to my list of never say never :P

My favorite coconut ice cream!!

So much for so cheap!

Of course fresh coconut!

Food stalls

Stuffed and just hanging out.

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