12 December 2013

Baby Clothes & Maternity Wear

This was baby's first clothes gift!  This was from our housing Agent.

Around 21 weeks into my pregnancy I started feeling tight, constricted and almost fainted from my clothes so I prayed that I could find some good and affordable maternity clothes. Then I was in H & M at vivocity and there on a rack was a huge sale of maternity pants and they had many in my size! 3 pants and 2 tights for $30 for example the jeans was about $70 and it was on sale for $10.  Answered prayer indeed.

This top was from my colleague Bertina.

This is what maternity bottoms look like.  There is an extra cloth that stretches all the way to cover your belly.  You can see it from the pic of the pants above.  Normal pants would only go until you waist or below.

The rest of the pictures I'm just trying out some of my maternity clothes.  I found another maternity shop called Springs Maternity and they have good sales too.  So that's where I got my tops from.  

This is my latest buy just a week or 2 ago.  I only wear maternity now as all my other clothes are too tight.  The tops here were all on sale.  As in 50-7-% off.  I HAD to buy maternity bras.  I needed good bigger bras because I almost fainted the other day from my bras being too tight.  These ones are so comfortable and the cheapest I've found so far.  It's amazing that God can provide and cares about such things for me too!

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