10 December 2013

Awesome THAI Vegetarian Food

There is a Thai vegetarian restaurant near our house and we've been meaning to go there for quite some time.  Finally, we went there.  After the baby shower which was 10am to around 1 pm we went to have dinner here to celebrate my Mom's birthday.  The food was really good.  All the Thai dishes I love but vegetarian!

This is pomelo salad. 

You could control the sweetness of your drink by adding as much or as little syrup as you wanted.

Northern noodle dish.  Also known as Thai Laksa

This is usually made with oysters.



Tom Yum of course.

Brown rice.

Steamed vegetables with chilli!  The chilli is usually made with shrimp paste.

Family time!

The best dish of all!  It's usually made from cat fish!

Fried beancurd.  Supposed to replace fried chicken.

Usually chicken or beef. 

Happy Birthday Mom!

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