12 December 2013

Miscellaneous Moments While Expecting

In my first trimester I was craving this pasta.  I ate it and then puked and after that didn't want to eat it again.  I don't even like to look at this picture until now.
Yes I craved sour stuff.  My lemon and salt which I also puked up afterwards and which I feel I never want to eat again.  (I used to eat like this since childhood).

Sometimes I get anxious about what the future will hold.

Week 11-12 my parents came to visit!  They were such a great help especially since I was really really sick at this stage.

Weeks 15-16.  My morning sickness was just going away but I got another ( I had many episodes especially during the first trimester) migraine attack.  I didn't take any medication and it caused me to feel so nauseous plus I got the really bad case of the flu at the same time.  I felt so bad and sick.  I was sick for a whole week and was just in bed.  I had to take some medications too because it was really bad.

Bayu also got sick.  I forget if it was before or after I did.  But he made sure not to contaminate me by wearing the mask at home.  Using disinfectant spray and lots of hand sanitizer. :D

Poor Daddy.  He got so sick.  

20 Weeks.  You can see my chubby face. hehehe.

22 Weeks at work.

25 Weeks - at Indonesian ministry bbq.

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