12 December 2013

Baby Bump Close Up (Weeks 18-27)

My pregnancy has not been smooth sailing.  Especially in the beginning.  I've experienced almost every symptom :P But I really do enjoy being pregnant.  Seeing my belly grow and most especially feeling him move (more like do somersaults) inside of me.  I also enjoy keeping track of my growing belly hence all the pictures. :)

I also use the Baby Centre and What to Expect App on my phone.  It's really helpful and interesting to learn how your baby is doing each week.  

I think I only really started showing around 20 weeks.  Before that I was waiting eagerly for my belly to grow instead of looking like I just gained weight.  Heheheh.
18 weeks
20 Weeks - Baby is as big as this banana
21 Weeks
25 Weeks -  You can see the veins quite clearly.
25 Weeks - No stretch marks yet but that horizontal dark line.  And my belly button is getting more shallow.
27 Weeks
27 Weeks

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