10 December 2013

Baby shower

I didn't expect to be back home again after my June trip.  I really wanted to see my family and friends while still expecting/showing and somehow God answered my prayer.  HIs timing is always perfect.  Bayu had a seminar in the beginning of November that fell on a Monday and Tuesday.  Somehow those two days I was also on school holiday!  So we booked our tickets to arrive on the Friday before.  So we were there for about 4 days.  It was short but oh so sweet.  

I was about 6 months pregnant so I had a belly showing and my family and friends were able to see it hehe.  My sister, Jyn and Dolly planned a baby shower for me.  They wanted to make it a surprise but I knew about it.  It turned out so wonderful and memorable.  I couldn't have asked for anything more.  I have all the pics in my facebook album but here are some.

Joy made the invitatons and the banner.  Dolly made the cupcakes! They also planned the whole thing - games and decorations and all.  So blessed and happy.

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