10 December 2013

Hiking Mommy

I've been trying to still be active while expecting.  I was hoping I could be those women who could still run and do all the usual stuff but it didn't turn out that way.  I had really bad morning /all day sickness for the first 3 months starting from the 6th week of my pregnancy all the way to around the 14th or 15th week.  When I finally felt like I was out of the woods I went on my first hike to Bukit Timah.  

4 months pregnant

I was so happy I could actually get back on my feet and have a life after being so sick for so many weeks.  I got addicted to the fresh air and being able to just get out and walk so Bayu and I went on another walk.  This was a trail at Upper Thomson Road. 
One week after our first hike.

4.5 almost 5 months pregnant.

Almost 7 months pregnant.  Took a morning walk at Sembawang Park.

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