11 December 2013

Here we go again. Never say Never!

In 2008 then in 2010 I wrote a list of things I have said never do.

2008 -

  • I'll never study in Mission College.
  • I'll never have a boyfriend in my freshmen year of college.
  • I'll never colour my hair.
  • I'll never perm my hair.
  • I'll never ever marry young.
  • I"ll never live in another country.
  • I'll never work outside of our denomination.
  • I'll never marry a non-Filipino or a pastor.
  • I'll never sleep early when I start working.
  • I'll never stay far away from my family.
  • I'll never be able to buy a car.
  • I"ll never be able to have internet at home.
  • I'll never start a blog.

2010 -

  • I'll never be a kindergarten teacher.
  • I'll never be a computer teacher! (or have anything to do with IT)

Now in 2013 I need to update that list -

  • I'll never be able to run long distance
  • I'll never be a vegetarian (heck no! not in this life time!)
  • I'll never be a stay at home mom (this will apply in beginning of 2014)

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