10 December 2013

June Trip - The Day We Found Out! (Pattaya Trip Day 3 & 4)

Sunday - June 23, 2012

One reason why I ran my Full Marathon last December 2012 was because Bayu and I planned to get pregnant in 2013.

On March of 2013 I had a false alarm and really thought I was pregnant.  However, it turns out I wasn't and we were both really disappointed.  But through this we knew that we indeed wanted kids.  After that we kinda stopped trying and guessing if this month would be the month and just let it be.

Little did I know that the whole time I was holidaying in back home I was pregnant!

I just assumed it was another false alarm and didn't want to be bothered but after everyone left from Pattaya back to Bangkok and it was just my sister, Bayu and I left my sister and Bayu asked me to just take 1 test.  They were the only ones I told that I was late that month.  So we bought the test and and did the test in the hotel room.

Low and behold.  It was positive.  I was shocked.  Bayu as shocked. Hazel was happy.  We were all happy actually.  It's just that it happened when we least expected it!

And what a blessing and perfect timing!  To find out when my sister was there and to be able to tell my family in person once we arrived in Bangkok.

Below are the pictures the moment I/we found out.

Just to be sure the next day, Monday we went to the hospital before dropping home to take a blood test (we didn't want another false alarm).  It turned out positive as well!  And I was already around 4 or 5 weeks pregnant.

So that evening the next day we brought my parents to Fuji and told them at dinner that they were going to be grandparents :D


Are you kidding me???

I can't believe this!

Hahaha I was just being drama.  Actually I was really happy.  Just shocked too :D

Fooling around Lol.

Last dinner in pattaya.  Lovely restaurant called the Glass House.  Walking distance from our hotel and also beside the beach.

Contemplating on the latest events on our lives.  Still so surreal.  Didn't really kick in until days, weeks later hahaha.

On the way back to Bangkok Monday morning.  Had to drop by and buy some fruits.  I was indeed craving fuits!  After this we didn't go straight home but went to the hospital to take  blood test first.  

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