10 December 2013

June Bkk Trip - Time to say goodbye :'(

It's been a long while that I've stayed for this long back home since moving to Singapore.  I've been away almost 5 years but it still is so hard to say goodbye.  This time was different.  We all knew that the next time we would see each other Bayu and I would be parents.  Parents!  Can you believe it? Haha.  Of course before we left we had to shop and stock up with some stuff.  And spend the last minutes with friends and family.

Smile Bayu.  Most of this stuff is yours.  Hehe.

My favorite!  Milk tablets.

Yes.  Bringing Thai durian back to Singapore.

Packed up and ready to go.

Thanks for seeing me off Kess.  Here I just told her the good news!

Told cat the good news too. And told joy on facetime.  Jyn I told her on my birthday :D

Good bye Bangkok.

Hi again Singapore.

Rereading Kessarin's birthday gift to me when I arrived back.

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