10 December 2013

June Trip - Pattaya Day 2

What a place to celebrate Sabbath Day!

We had breakfast and worship by the beach.  Then we waited for the rest of our family to come.  Richmond came Friday night after work.  Saturday noon my cousin cat and her two sons, my auntie and uncle and another cousin Suzette came.  Cat's brother and his wife also came and Richmond's sister and her husband came too.  

It was awesome having all this family around and just being able to enjoy the time together.

Fruits fruits fruits!

Outdoor worship.

Enjoying nature

Cheers!  Coconut and durian and fruits galore!

My nephews. 

For dinner my cousin Calvin brought us to an awesome Thai restaurant right by the ocean.  Bayu and I still enjoyed the food despite being vegetarians.  Here is Kapao mushroom!  super spicy and delicious!  We had to plates of this.

My cousin treated us to this wonderful meal.  Thank you!

Look at the water crashing just near us!

Good times indeed.

After dinner we hung out at the restaurant beside our hotel after having worship in Elna's and Adrian's room.

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