31 December 2013

For the Record - New Year's Eve 2013

Bayu and I are spending New Year's Eve at home.  We have currently been residing in the guest room because the master bedroom's aircon is spoiled.

Today I was craving Japanese curry and so he cooked that for me and even had it over Japanese rice.

We had a little devotion and discussed the Passover in Exodus.  After that we started reflecting our time/life here in Singapore since our first house in Clementi.

We also tried to remember what we did each year for New Year's since we got married.  We then got onto my blog and looked back on what we did!  See it pays to have a blog indeed!

We said a prayer together.  We have really been blessed and have seen God work in our life through the ups and downs.

We said a special prayer for next year we will be embarking on a journey we have never embarked on before - parenthood.

I don't have any New Year's resolutions.  Being a parent/mom is going to be so new I don't know what to resolutionise as a parent haha.

But I think as much as possible I want to get back to my running again, continue to build my relationship with God.

As uncertain as next year looks I know it's going to be a year full of hope!


For a special treat I made chia seed pudding for Bayu and I.  I will post a recipe on this.  It's really easy and yummy and heallthy!

5 minutes into countdown we hopped into bed.  Cuddled in the blanket and I found a website that would countdown to neew year.  We count down together.  Said happy new year! Gave a kiss and nyt nyt! hahahah simple but special :P

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