11 December 2013

Cravings & Temptations

As I mentioned, my first 3 months of pregnancy I was so sick I felt like I was terminally ill.  I even lost weight.  However, after that phase (which seemed like forever) was over (thank you God) my appetite came back with a vengeance.  Not right away but slowly over the weeks my appetite just grew and grew!

I didn't and still don't have any particular craving.  I did drink soy milk everyday from the beginning until now.  Then I would crave different things every day or every week.  From Lebanese food, different fruits (oranges, mangoes, rambutan), pumpkin pie, pizza, pasta, ice cream, cake, chocolate, mexican food...all sorts but nothing in particular. 

I started off weighing around 53kg and about 2 or 3 weeks ago at my last doctor's appointment I weighed about 64kg.  The thing is the last 4kgs I gained in 3 weeks!!  So my doctor said baby is fine, my health is fine.  I just need to watch my weight because it won't help me in any way. Haha.  That last weeks before I met the doctor I was craving particularly cake, ice cream and chocolate :P

Other things I craved was tempe, bayu's cooking, chips, loaker wafers, rosti (a swedish potato dish),  filipino fruit salad, french fries, boiled bananas...

I have been vegetarian this whole pregnancy and even before I got pregnant.  If I weren't a vegetarian I would have gained 20kgs by now for sure!  I did crave for fried chicken, beef steak, cheese burgers and fish!!

Since my last doctor's visit I have tried to eat healthier.  She said I can still eat what I want/crave but I don't have to finish the whole thing.  At least taste it and satisfy my craving :P

Just yesterday I ate this brownie.  So good!  Luckily it was a tiny slice haha.

So good but so sinful lol

Pizza.  Basically I have never loved cheese so much. 

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