10 December 2013

June Trip - Pattaya Day 1

Bayu arrived and stayed just enough for a weekend getaway to Pattaya.  We booked a hotel that my family stayed in before.  It's a really nice spot in Pattaya.  I forget the name of the hotel though.  

Our trip started off very interestingly.  We were packed and ready Friday morning.  As my sister was prepping the car for the trip she lost the cover of something inside the car and we couldn't retrieve it.  We finally just covered it with something temporary.  

Then we left and Bayu and I had problems with our ATM cards so we had to go back home to get another card, etc. We then got hungry and stopped at a mall nearby our house.  It was our first time to that mall so that was an adventure in itself.  By the time we were actually on our way it was already lunch time.

We finally arrived!  

Beautiful view and seats from our hotel.

Super breezy

Cute/cool restaurant beside our hotel

We went to a mall nearby the hotel and had some fresh juice and walked around and went to the super market. 

I was craving fruits!  Lots and lots of fruits!!

We ate at the restaurant beside our hotel.  It had a very nice atmosphere.  Outdoors, next to the beach, breezy and very chill.

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