25 December 2013

Christmas Day!

After our Christmas Eve party last night we stopped by the supermarket to buy the above so that we have a little something special for Christmas day.

I made breakfast for us.  The hot chocolate and and ice cream we bought gave me this idea. :D

The pancake recipe is from Laura Vitale on youtube.  This is her basic pancake recipe.  Very easy and yummy.  The texture is a little different because I use soy milk instead of cow's milk.

Good morning my dear!

Pizza from Dominos for lunch and dinner :P

This is the first year in many years where I'm not celebrating with family or close friends.  It's fine.  Haha I got to stay in pjs all day and sleep and just be a bum.  I don't know why everyday feels special but I think it's because I'm gonna have a baby and I know that things won't be as it is anymore - not in a bad way hehehe.

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