10 December 2013

Short But Sweet - Saturday

As I mention in my next post, the post about my baby shower,  I was able to come home and visit for a few days. 
Joy designed my baby shower invitations

She also came up with these cards

Oh and this was Friday night.  The night we arrived.  We were delayed for a few hours and even had to switch airplanes.  On our landing we also had really bad turbulence.  So it was a blessing in disguise that we switched to a working plane or who knows if we would have made it through that turbulence! (The engine of the first plane stopped working before we took off).

Heading to the park on Sabbath morning. 

We spent Sabbath morning having worship and being together in the Queen's park.

That evening we had a birthday party for my nephew Vincent and also my cousin Suzette.

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