29 December 2013

Sonya & Fauler's Visit!

My sister-in-law

Sister and bro-in-law at church
They waited for us and Bayu to finish our duties and meetings at church then we took a cab to eat a golden mile (Thai food!!) We took a walk from Godlen Mile to see the sites (see pic below) then ended up at Marina Bay Sands and we (Sonya and I and Javan) had cake from Au Chocolate.

On Sunday we went to USS and took the Cable Car.  It was my first time.  Loved it!

View from the cable car of the cruise ship we took last year with the SDA Conference staff retreat.

Of course we got hungry and had to eat first.  Those were veggie burgers for Bayu and I.

Had to bring something healthy to snack on hehe.

Bayu telling his stories on the cable car.

Happy to see them so sweet and loving and in love and growing in their marriage.

Glad Sonya finally got to go into USS!

Great times.  I had a great time with them even if for a while.  It's always so good to have family.  I'm glad family were able to come for holidays this year as well.  It was sad to say goodbye.  But we will meet again and Javan will be born by then.

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OnZ'Q said...

I haven't blogged or read ur blog in ages! Miss you guys and will come again and see Javan in person :)

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