13 December 2013

Outing on a Friday!

The youth were planning to meet at IKEA and Giants Tampines to buy some groceries for their meal at care group.   I decided to meet them because I also had stuff to get.  I planned to go there with Bayu and so while waiting for him to be done with work I went to Nex and did some window shopping and shopping.  It was some retail therapy day for me! LoL.  I bought and outfit to wear for my baby bump photoshoot from Spring Maternity and also some towels. 

When Bayu was done we went to Ikea and met up with the youth.  We were also able to scout some baby stuff and the prices.  I bought some some stuff for the door gift of our Christmas Even party which will be happening and definitely I will post about.

I had a fun day albeit tiring. :P

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