12 December 2013

Antenatal/Childbirth Education by Thomson Medical Centre

The hospital I plan to deliver in and where my doctor has her clinic is Thomson Medical Centre.  They offer Antenatal or Childbirth classes which my doctor recommended when I reached around the 20th week of my pregnancy.  At first and before I was pregnant I always said I would never attend these kinds of classes.  I mean our parents didn't and we turned out fine! Lol.  But of course never say never.  

I'm glad I joined because we are first time parents and I don't have any family or friends or help that can really teach or give me advice who is near me.  And I found it eases my anxiety about what to expect or what to do and I did learn a lot.  Next week is the last class (we have 6 classes which is once a week).  

It was also fun seeing Bayu realize how much "work" it's going to be having a baby and all the details involved :P  It's also nice to see other couples and women who are going through the same thing we are. 

Some of the few things we learn are:
  • Exercises/stretches
  • Taking care of my back
  • Breathing techniques
  • Different types of births and pain relieves
  • How to involve husbands and how husbands can be of help to their partner during pregnancy and delivery
  • How to push during labor
  • How to carry/handle/bathe your baby 
  • How to swaddle your baby
  • How to fold a cloth diaper
  • How to burp your baby
  • About breastfeeding
If you go to their website they have the whole list of what is taught in the class.
Class started November 12 for me.  Week 26 of my pregnancy. 

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