12 December 2013

Baby's Name

We have our baby's name:
Javan Melden Perdana Kaumpungan
He will be Indonesian citizen.

Javan is the name of Noah's grandson, the son of Japheth.  It can be found in several places in the bible the first in Genesis 10.  The picture below has the meaning from one of the Bible concordances.  Another book of baby names said it means righteous.

Melden is baby's grandfathers' names put together (it's a filipino thing haha at least there is a filipino element to his name hehe)

Perdana, his middle name,  means first in bahasa because he is the first child and the first grandson, nephew, etc.

Filipino tradition is usually that the middle name of the child is the mom's middle name.  But if we did that his name would be too long!  So we scrapped that and put Perdana instead.

For Javan Melden in the future :D

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