25 December 2013

Supposedly Anniversary Weekend :P

Friday, December 20, 2013.  We went to the River Safari.  It's quite new in Singapore and I really like this place.  Our 5 year anniversary is on the 21st but we wanted to have several days of celebration so we started a day early.  On the actual day, Saturday, we had dinner  at Nabins a Mediterranean restaurant.  No pics of that though.  On Sunday we were supposed to go to the Jurong Bird Park but I was too exhausted from Friday and Saturday (when you're preggers you energy level can go so looow).  So I slept all day Sunday.  We had planned to go to Science Centre on Monday so thanks to my all day rest on Sunday we were able to do that - in the next blog post.

Chocolate panda pau

My favorite part of the whole zoo.

Walk, sit, walk, sit, eat, toilet break and repeat haha.  Before we went in we had packed some food so we had ice cream from Ben and Jerry's and ate our packed food first.

I had fun.  I feel like everyday we try to do something special and just celebrate our relationship and the fact that we won't be just the two of us very soon!

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