15 December 2013

Baby Bump Photoshoot

We asked the help of Frank & Charis to be our photographer and advisor (hehe) for  our photoshoot.   We knew Frank's hobby was to take pictures and we're so glad he and Charis were so willing to take our pictures.  We took our pictures at Botanic Garden and it took us around 3 hours.  It involved alot of walking but the weather was nice (not too hot).  5 years ago Bayu wouldn't have done a photoshoot like this LoL.  I had such a fun time even though at first I was a bit nervous because we wren't good at poses and I was afraid it would be awkward.  Thanks to pinterest I was able to get some ideas and we also used props.  I'm looking forward to putting up the final photos!  Once again I'm so thankful for Frank and Charis.
Behind the scene of the photoshoot : Frank & Charis

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