24 February 2012


Hurray! Friday! I just need a break.

I finally posted on my "Repose" blog. Still working on the look but couldnt wait to blog on there.

Today I went on the excursion with K2 children. From 8am to 2pm and no lunch break because I gotta baby sit them and make sure they eat! Haha

At 2-2.30 I had to help another class because the teacher wasn't around. (Nursery class)

Then 2.30-5.00 I helped the pre-nursery class because the teacher wasnt around either.

After, from 5-5.30 I had to finish up my own work like updating our school website and school Facebook.

Then went straight to meet Bayu (did some shopping as I mentioned in my other blog). Having dinner now and then care group at Maranatha church.

I could've gone home and taken a rest but I enjoy accompanying Bayu :)

Had a blessed Sabbath everyone. God loves you and i do too!

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