12 February 2012

Another Day!

Just another day. But despite it not being as eventful as other days it was still a lovely day.

I ate brunch with Bayu at a Thai restaurant. Walked the stretch of orchard road and did some window shopping them came home and did a few house chores.

Now we just got back from our run. Sweat sweat sweat. I love sweat. Haha.

Also, I just wanted to share that asides from currently reading the Desire of Ages book I am also reading the devotion That I May Know Him.

Somehow I am so drawn to these books because I really get to know more about who Jesus is and what he is like. There really is no such thing as knowing everything or knowing enough. I discover something new each day and I am in awe of Him each day! yes I have "lived" with the Bible all my life but there is still so much treasure to be revealed...

Really I cannot keep the joy inside I must share it! Haha. I think from now on I need to jot down the things I have discovered or never realized and share it here.

Well here are the pics (my hair aftwr te run is a disaster check it out lol) and lets all try to have a good week. Especially Monday. :P

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