14 February 2012


As you can read on Facebook at the moment news is going around about the suicide bomber in Bangkok. The thing is the place that the bomb went off is like a 10 minute walk from my house. I passed there all the time, my family friends everyone who lives there passes there everyday. That's where I passed to and from work. I know that place like the back of my hands. That is so close to home.

I wasn't having the best of days and since Bayu doesn't really celebrate anything (because everyday is a celebration for him lol) much less valentines day I wasn't expecting anything but when I got home I was utterly surprised.

There on the table were my favorite snacks (seaweed and granola bars) with Adventist Champagne, champagne glass and mangosteine! The mangosteine because he always feeds me the mangosteine. Hehehe.

I gave him a biiiiig hug and cried tears of joy surprise and happiness. Hahaha.

We just drank the juice ate a whole lack of seaweed and just got feed the mangosteine. Now we are going on our valentine run. Nahhhh. Just another run on valentines day hahahahha.

How to spell mangosteine ???? I know that is wrong..... :D


Hazel said...

How swet :) so happy you had a nice surprise. Happy Valentines.

OnZ'Q said...

Mangosteen i guess...but I want to try that adventist champange:-)

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