20 February 2012


I am really enjoying blogging everyday.  It has became part of my life!  I can't see not blogging and I know I won't regret when I look back at these posts.  I was just looking back at my older posts and I enjoyed it so much and I just wished I had written more haha..

So far blogging everyday makes me see the positive things in my life.  Instead of thinking it's just another day it makes me see that this day is a gift from God to me and I should cherish and enjoy it and remember it!

I was also looking at my other blog which is linked at the top of this site.  I think I will revive it.  Not like with my personal blog but now I will think not forget to put some stuff in there now and then.  I have changed it from just being a beauty blog about makeup and beauty but I will add stuff to do with cooking,food, running and healthy habits, etc.  If I ever do post anything there I would mention it in this post.  For now I've got some ideas in my head on what to post about...

Oh and my sister Hazel has this really cool and interesting post about reusing scrap paper!  I would like to learn more and teach others here like my colleagues because Singaporeans are really conscious about the 3Rs Reduce, Reuse, Recycle...ahhaha

Check out her post ----> Hazel's Post

My Monday is almost over! Yay...but have so much work to do :( booo...heheheh

1 comment:

Hazel said...

Yeah, it's really cool Lerz. I didn't think it would turn out that nice. I can tell you more about it later. Love you.

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