10 February 2012

Titanic Day

Finally the app is working! And now I can publish the post I wrote around 2 weeks ago:...here it : :)
Sorry though..I don't know why the pictures are so blurry...:(

A small bunch of us from church went to the Titanic artifacts exhibition museum. It's going to be around for a few more weeks I think.

At the entrance we get a "boarding pass" with a real passengers name and details.

I was a Miss Dagmar Jenny Ingeborg Bryhl age 20 from Sweden. I was accompanied by brother and fiancé (their names are given on the pass). I was a 2nd class passenger.

At the end of the exhibition there were the list of names for those from the different classes who survived or lost their lives. So basically I am the passenger and at the end I get to see if I survived.
From left to right the picture above shows the list of names by 1st class, 2nd class, 3rd class & Crew. The top half are those that survived and the bottom half those who didn't make it.
I made it unfortunately my brother and fiancé didn't make it.

It was fun,fascinating, but also sad.
After that we took some pictures and ate! We were starving.

We ate at MOF - Ministry of Food
-<3 <3 <3

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Anonymous said...

well than I was your brother! I've been today and I am Dhr. Kurt Arnorld Gottfrid Bryhl.

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