02 February 2012

Self Expression

It's the middle of the day and my I had my last class for the morning.  I need to finish up my lesson plan but I need to release some stuff first. Hehe.

I was just told by my boss today that I will be teaching enrichment classes this year.  Enrichment classes are like tutoring classes that our school holds.  We have art, math, wushu, english and teachers/companies from outside are called to teach our students during third session once a week for each subject for around an hour.

This will be the first year there will be Computer enrichment class.  So I will be teaching once a week for one hour.  Since it hasn't been done before I need to come up with the proposal and lessons, etc.

Initially I'm like WHAT? Stresssss.....hahaha.  That's me this isn't the first time something totally new has come my way and I always get stressed about it but it always turns out fine.

I know it's something I can do.  Definitely another load on my already loaded workload/life LOL.  But yeah, I know I can learn alot from it just as I have grown and learn so much through other areas of my life that have come about unexpectedly.

Get used to it girl!  This shouldn't be a surprise right?  Our plan's arecertainly not God's plans and vice versa lol and also this quote came on my facebook feed just on time:

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