05 February 2012

Desire of Ages

On another note I would really like to recommend the book Desire of Ages by EGW.

I have only read until chapter 5 but it's a really interesting and exciting book. It goes into detail about the story of Jesus when he was on earth.

It's really Amazing God's love for us. God sent his Son. Jesus going though so much. We reject his love over and over again and yet He still loves us! As I have a closer relationship with God instead of feeling pride that I'm closer to Him the more I realize how sinful and unworthy I am. but his love,Grace and mercies are sufficient for us. How else can I thank Him? Try my best to love him and others in my own sinful way.

Yes, when you can go read the book! :)

1 comment:

Hazel said...

I think I'll go back and read this book again.

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