22 February 2012

Looking Forward

Next month is my sister's birthday, bayu's birthday and my dad's birthday. What should I do or get for them???

Also, I'll be in Bangkok for a few days next march. I'm super super excited!!! It's been too long :)

Life's not getting easier but I'm glad I can face each day because I have a big awesome God.

Oh yeah I have reached my 2 year mark in Seventh-day Adventist Kindergarten.

I have learnt so much and grown from it there were so many things I didn't know why I had to go through but looking back I wouldn't know what I know and do what I do and think like I think if it weren't for those experiences. I can really see God's leading and am truly sorry for doubting him during times I didn't "feel" him in certain situations.

One thing I have really grown to do in my work place is to love children. I love and adore them! I am blessed to play an important role to teach them And I pray I can be my best for them.

I'm going to be 26 this year and Bayu 28 next month...maybe time for our own kids? Hehhehee.

Maybe end of this year or sometime next year. I think I still need to learn so more and develop a better character to raise up a child.

Yep, my thoughts for today!

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