29 February 2012

In Advance

Yesterday i got Bayu his early birthday present it was a few things he has always wanted for his hobby/love of model kits.

Today I gave him his early birthday surprise. Hahaha. Basically, I bought a small table and made a corner in our house just for him to work on his hobby.

It is also the same room where he does his work. I told him this is his part of the house and he is allowed to make it loom like a tornado passed through. :P

He deserves his destressers too! Lol.

I also did total house cleaning so now I'm exhausted.


Oh yeah all the newspapers are there because a big part of the model kit is to paint it. We are renting the house so we need to prevent leaving any permanent marks.

1 comment:

Hazel said...

Wow, that's so sweet and thoughtful of you Lerz. I know he will love it.

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