28 February 2012


Another day. Feeling exhausted. One of those days where things that could go wrong went wrong. But sometimes you just got to not take it personally and just make the best of the situation.

So instead of ending the day on a gloomy note I convinced Bayu to meet me after work and I bought him his birthday present like a month in advance. Haha.

Did some eating and shopping myself. Can't believe next weekend I'll be in Bangkok. I need to start making a list of the things I need to bring over (and getting those things) as well as a mental list of what I want to do and eat when I get there.

Time flies! And I really got to get serious about training for my half marathon. Cannot slack!

It's going to be march can you believe?

Time flies and money flies too LOL.

Have a good week! Stay positive :D

My dinner from soup spoon. Thai chicken vermicelli salad. Whatever that is LoL. Tastes good though. I think it's supposed to be yum woon sen.

1 comment:

Min Min said...

Sounds like Yum but doesn't look like it...

In Malaysia many restaurant claimed to serve "authentic" Thai food but when I tried it the taste was so different from that in Thailand. I guess I have to visit Thailand again!

Enjoy your trip!

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