13 February 2012

Kiddie Ideas

Some pictures of my colleagues and their projects they did with their kids whom I also teach computer to:

This is done by the pre-nursery children (I don't teach them computer but I know them well).
Get a sponge dip it in red paint let the kids pain with the sponge in a circular motion after showing them an apple.

This is done by K1 children. They are learning about well teeth, hygiene, dentists. Here get old toothbrush and white paint. Let the children dip the toothbrush into the white paint and let them "brush" their teeth/tooth! Add silver glitter because it's sparkling clean. Hehhe.

The K2 children are learning about sea animals. And this is their cooking project. The white marshmallow with the long jelly candy is the jellyfish, you can see the sand, fish and star crackers and the triangle gummy candy is supposed to be a fish too all on a slice of bread. It's wrapped in cling wrap and the kids get to bring it home.
How fun!
-<3 <3 <3

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