23 February 2012

Pre -planning

My first 10k race is this coming Sunday Morning! I'm sure this blog is aware of that I've been talking about it since forever.

Well, I've been making sure I have been hydrating myself all week as well as eating healthy proper meals.

I need to have a good dinner the night before the race and a light but healthy breakfast the morning of. So I need to plan what I'm going to eat. It mustn't be something new but something my stomach is already used to.

I also need to plan what to wear :D

I actually don't have much to blog on. Everything is as usual. As usual as it gets in this imperfect world.

Hmmm maybe I have some more running quotes to share since the above may not be so interesting :)



Cha3L said...

i love the pictureeeee!!!!!

Hazel said...

Love the quote :)

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