16 February 2012

Just Go For It

Hi guys. Lately, the past day or 2, been feeling really down and homesick and a little depressed. Most likely due to PMS ... Lol.

It was in my schedule to go running today and I just didn't feel like it. I almost decided to just lie in bed in self-pity. But every time such thoughts come into my mind on days I'm suppose to run this line comes into my head -

you either feel sore tomorrow or sorry tomorrow... You choose.

So. I chose to be sore tomorrow and boy was I glad I did. This isn't the first time at all where I was feeling down and after a run my spirits were lifted. Not like suddenly all my problems are gone but now I can face them with a smile (and with God's strength!)

Here are two running quotes that totally applied to me tonight :P

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