31 January 2012


Wow. Wow because it's going to be February tomorrow already!!! My my my....

Today was as usual. Taught my lovely kids. Got peed on.

Oh and I did my first run for my training. 5km. Continued my workout by sweeping and mopping the floor.

I absolutely recommend the magical mop from Japan. It's SGD$10.

We use it at my school and I tried it at home. It soaks up spilt water and pee in an instant. It cleans surfaces well too and is easy to clean and keep. It's not like those cloth materials that look like corn rows and where lots of dirt get stuck on forever.

Anyways I tried to look it up on google but apparently there are a dozen other magical mops and not the one I'm talking about hahaha.

I forgot the brand and exact name but here's a picture of my mop:

Yeah. That's all :)

This is what happens when blogging everyday. No other interesting topic to blog about but mops??!! Hahaha

1 comment:

Min Min said...

I blogged about mop before too!

That's what blogging is about - everyday's life! :-)

It's the little thing in our lives that makes us happy.

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