14 January 2012


I was looking at my blog archive. I just realized this is coming to my 4th year of [inconsistent] blogging.

In 2008 I wrote 137 posts (wow!) 2009 48 posts (boo..) 2010 98 posts and 2011 90 posts.

Out of 365 days (right?) I only wrote 90 posts last year?!?! Ridiculous! Haha.

I love blogging and I love looking back and reading my past posts. So much fun and memories. I don't regret writing posts but I do regret not writing them.

Soooooo the point is I want to blog everyday of the year 2012! Yes, I missed 13 days. Haha I'll make up for it by writing 2 or 3 posts a day.

I watch some people in YouTube who will vlog (video blog) everyday this year so I got that idea to blog for a whole year from them.

Good luck to me!!!

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