17 January 2012


Hey guys. I know I mentioned that I started running and all that a few months ago. Well, I still enjoy it although the holidays has ruined my routine and I have to start almost all over again! Lol.

That's one thing I like about having a job. Everything is routine and I can fit my exercise in better.

For Christmas Bayu got me some really awesome shoes! I absolutely love it. They are asics running shoes (Gel Nimbus 13 Limited Edition)

Before these shoes I started having knee problems which made me stop running for a few weeks. After the 2nd run in my new shoes my knee problems are gone! Amazing.

Also Bayu and I have registered fr 2 races so far this year. One is in February (10km) and the other in April (half marathon/21km)

My serious training is going to start soon. No wait like now! Hahaha.

-<3 <3 <3

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