18 January 2012

Nil &

Nothing much happened today... Went to work as usual.

In the afternoon for 3rd session prenursery class I got puked on by a girl crying for her mommy. You know the kind of crying where they cry with all their might and their lungs and then instead of a cough it's puke!

But I have body spray and lotion I used to make the smell go away after I have washed off what I can. Hehe.

Reminds me I should shower now.

Oh yeah and one more thing. When I write my blog posts just remember its only a small part of my life or day (like 10 seconds out of my life) meaning that's not everything you see haha.

So it's not like my blogs are all happy and my whole life is so perfect and happy lol and also my blogs are definitely not about "oh my life is so awesome and yours is not" haha just to make things clear.

Anyhoooooo. Gona shower then go for my "run" which to some you would call a jog considering my speed.


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